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Vickery Tape & Label Company is centrally located in the Midwest in the small town of Peru, Indiana. It was founded in 1943 by Marion D. Vickery. At that time, the business was a machine shop known as Vickery Machine Company. One day Marion was approached by a customer who had a contract with the U.S. Government to build wire harnesses for airplanes for the war effort. His customer indicated that they needed a better way to tag wire harnesses than they were currently using. The idea of printing on tape was suggested. Marion Vickery, being the entrepreneur type, went to work and built a machine that would do just that, print on tape. Soon he found his business flooded with orders for printed tape, as well as, much interest in his new tape printing machine. At that point, the business changed its name to Vickery Tape & Machine Company. He built several tape printing presses and printed thousands of rolls of tape in the years to come. As the printing end of the business continued to grow, several family members joined the company to help out. Eventually, labels and rubber stamps were added to the product line and the business name was changed to Vickery Tape & Label Company. Today, Vickery Tape & Label Company continues to be a family owned and operated business where personalized service is not a thing of the past. Whether you contact us by e-mail, fax, phone or even a personal visit, you will be treated with honesty, integrity and respect.

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